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We love Sunday mornings at the school. 
When else in your week do you find the time to get together with people of different ages, different demographics and interests, to reflect upon the bigger questions of life? 
This is what we’re aiming to do every Sunday morning. These times are so special, not because they’re times of abstract philosophy, but because they’re times of real hope. They’re a weekly reminder of the fact that as dark as life can feel (and it really can feel very dark), we can have a genuine and profound hope, in the person of Jesus Christ, who doesn’t leave us to follow him on our own, but he gives us each other (in fact, that’s what church is!).
So why would a church choose to meet in a school hall? 
We love that our church meets in a school hall, because it regularly reminds us that:
  1. Church is about the people, not the building. When Jesus talked about ‘church’ he wasn’t referring to a particular physical structure, but a particular gathering or ‘mob’, who come together to learn from him, to serve him and to look to love others the way he has loved us. 
  2. We’re open to anyone from the community who are keen to check out life with Jesus. We're not a 'holy huddle'.
  3. When it comes to following Jesus, we're all learners for life, none of us have graduated. To put it another way, we’re all on our L-plates with Jesus (which is pretty humbling!). 
What happens on Sundays at the school?
Our Sunday meetings begin at 9:30am. We typically spend about an hour in the hall together, where we'll sing a few songs or classic hymns, hear the bible read and taught, and someone will usually lead the church in a time of prayer for our community, our nation and our world. We finish by sharing morning tea together. 
What about kids and youth? 
We have dedicated programs for kids from the age of 0 to teenagers in early high school. On Sundays we all start together as one church (in the main hall) and after 10-15 minutes there's a short break where our kids and youth can depart to their programs, under the supervision of our team of leaders. We are committed to best practice in Safe Ministry environments, for more information about our safe ministry requirements click here.
We’d love to meet you 
Wherever you are at in life, you’re welcome to join us any Sunday morning
9:30am at Turramurra North Public School hall.
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